Order a DVD

West Bridgewater Community Access Television provides DVD copies upon request.  We ask of a donation of $5.00 per DVD.  Please Note that some productions that have a * may be more.  To request a DVD copy please email us at WBCableAccessTV@gmail.com and we will get back to you with the appropriate form.

This includes:

Local Municipal Meetings

  •       Board of Selectmen
  •       School Committee
  •       Finance Committee
  •      Conservation Commission
  •      Annual or Special Town Meetings

 Community Events:

  •    Park Day
  •    Memorial Day Service
  •    Tri-Town Veterans Day Parade
  •    Summer Concerts in the Park
  •    *The Distinguished Young Women of Greater Bridgewater/Capeway

WBTV Produced Programming:

  •    Tim Talk
  •    Historic Commission Presents
  •    First Church Lectures

School Events:

  •    *Graduations (only high school)
  •    Grand March
  •    Sporting Events
  •    Class Lectures/Presentations
  •    WildCat TV News